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Districts of Bratislava

Bratislava is divided into 5 districts. As it is not too large a city,  you needn't be concerned about being too far from work or school. Driving from one end to the other will take you 30 minutes (if there is no major traffic).The most popular area for expatriates areas are Stare Mesto, Koliba, Horsky Park, Slavin (all located in Bratislava I) areas around international schools are also of interest to expats. Small towns closely neighboring Bratislava such as Devinska Nova Ves, Zahorska Bystrica or Svaty Jur are also attractive and there are a lot of new houses being built in such areas.

The smallest district is Bratislava I - centrally located Bratislava Old Town (Stare mesto).

Bratislava II district covers the city parts Ruzinov, Vrakuna and Podunajske Biskupice.Bratislava III district cosists of New Town (Nove mesto) and the formerly rural Raca and Vajnory parts. Nove mesto part is a wider area just in the neighbourhood of Old Town, still containing some locations considered as central (referred to as the wider center or "sirsie centrum" in Slovak).

Karlova Ves, Dubravka, Lamac, Devin (including the Devin castle), Devinska Nova Ves and village Zahorska Bystrica belong to district Bratislava IV.

Bratislava V covers the largest part of Bratislava - Petrzalka (with its concrete apartment blocks) and the formerly independent villages Jarovce, Rusovce and Cunovo.

The most popular area amongst ex-pats, encompassing some famous neighbourhoods such as Stare Mest (the old town), Palisade and Horsky Park. Property is relatively expensive here in comparison to other districts, but its central location and quality of housing means that it is both an extremely convenient place to live, and worthy of investment. Parking can, however, be a problem.

Bratislava II

Possibly the fastest-growing area of the city, it includes Nove Mestro (New Town), Ruzinov and Vrakuna. It contains many new apartments and developments, meaning that there are many opportunities for investment. Many of the city's largest shopping centres and sport arenas are located here.

Bratislava III

Located in the north of the city and with many of both one or two bedroom apartments and larger family homes, this district includes both surburban living areas and the edge of the Small Carpathians, where many locals like to go hiking in the spring and summer seasons. The value of the property here is, in general, slightly less than Bratislava I.

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Bratislava IV

Currently one of the most popular districts to invest in, with a wide-range apartments and houses available to buy, Bratislava IV includes areas such as Dubravka, Lamac and Karlova Ves. The American and British international schools are both located within this district, as well as Budapest Zoo and several blocks of student accommodation.

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Bratislava V

Bratislava V is one of the newest areas of the city and is largely made up of concrete apartment blocks rather than family homes, meaning that the property is generally cheaper than other parts of the city. There are, however, some new development projects which we consider worthy of investment, and the district is conveniently located on the right bank of the Danube, and contains the city's largest park; Janka Krala, as well as the Incheba exhibition centre and two large shopping centres.

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Other Areas

The area surrounding Budapest is also becoming increasingly popular with ex-pats, with many choosing to purchase property in small towns and villages close enough to the city to easily commute to work, but far enough away from the centre to enjoy the peace and quiet found in rural Slovakia on a daily basis, as well as the stunning views and scenic countryside that this charming country has to offer.

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