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Real Estate Guide Bratislava

There is no question that if you're looking to invest in the Slovakian property, then now is the time. The Slovakian economy remains in excellent condition despite the recent global financial crisis, and the economic reforms of the Slovakian government have led to an economic boom which has continued to improve since the first significant changes took place in 2002: last year growth stood at 8% in terms of the overall economy. These improvements for the national economy have meant that the country as a whole, and the capital Bratislava in particular, have been experiencing unprecedented growth in the construction industry and real estate. Not only this, the freedom of the post-Communist world has meant that architects have been able to focus on originality and creative, leading to some extremely innovative and eye-catching designs.

In today's climate of financial uncertainty Bratislava remains a safe investment and is considered by many as one of the most desirable and reliable places to invest in in the whole of Europe. It is also easily the most significant area of real-estate investment in Slovakia, and has attracted many developers from around the world as well as many large investors from within the country, who have since been able to expand into other parts of Eastern Europe.

And whilst some areas of Europe appear to be over the property boom, the Slovakian property market still has room for expansion. Bratislava in particular is expected to continue to grow both in terms of size and in terms of quality, with huge investment planned in order to transform the city centre and to greatly improve the transport sector.

Whilst in the past Bratislava may have been perceived as a slightly drab, uninspiring city, this image is changing fast, and the city centre is expected to continue its transformation from a rather quiet, almost provincial area into a faster, livelier hubbub of activity, with former factories and underdeveloped properties replaced by mordern buildings containing quality housing, premium office-space, large shopping areas and green-field sites containing parks and playground, as well as leisure centres to provide local city-dwellers with much-needed sporting facilities.

This is not to say that the city is currently lacking in either architectural beauty or historical attractions. As well as the natural and very obvious beauty of the stunning River Danube, the city's centre contains many historic and noteworthy buildings, perhaps the most impressive and well-known of these being the castle, which adorns the highest point of the centre of Bratislava and is visible from almost all of the surrounding area. Other areas of importance include the embankments on either side of the river, as well the docklands; a previously thriving area of local industry which now appears ripe for investment and development.

There are still many possible improvements to be made however, and the government have already begun construction on improvements to be made to the public tranport sector which are expected to be completed by 2011, and include a complete overhaul of the main train and bus stations, as well as the installation of a high-speed tramway which will link the two sides of the city on either side of the great River Danube. The shape of the city centre will also improve, with the construction of several miles of pedestrian-only roads and paths set to spring up alongside the river, allowing both tourists and locals experience riverside life without the unwanted interruption of cars and buses.

In terms of suggested areas of new investment, in recent years the biggest area in terms of growth has been office space, as more and more companies begin to expand or to invest in the area, with housing and retail also experiencing extremely significant rises in terms of price and sales.

In addition to this, Bratislava is one of the only major European cities which still contains a significant number of sites available or construction. Whereas many city centres in Europe could be said to have reached the point of saturation with regards to new development, recent investigations into the property market in Bratislava have identified some 4000 hectares suitable for development, thus ensuring continued investment opportunities and room for growth which, when added to the emergence of the tourism as a real force in the country, with overseas visitors flocking to visit this historical and until recently difficult to access location, Bratislava and the area that surrounds it remains an unmissable investment opportunity.


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