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Buy to Let in Bratislava

Buy to Let in Bratislava

Economic growth is back, mortgage demand is exploding, housing completions remain low, and mortgage interest rates are as low as they've ever been.  It's looking good!



Prices in the Slovakian capital begin at around €300,000 to as little as €150,000. In the past five years apartment prices rose by an average of 15%  while earning double digit yields. This was largely driven by a housing shortage. Investors are also expecting a sharp rise in commuters travelling to work in Vienna, pushing up earnings, which will feed property prices even further.

Bratislava Apartments allows you to tap into this burgeoning real estate market. Although you might wish to purchase properties primarily for capital gain, rental yield should be an important consideration. Bratislava Apartments is the best vehicle for maximising your investment potential. We offer a full turnkey solution to our clients including location of suitable properties, renovation, interior design, obtaining furnishing, and full property management services including sourcing of tenants.

Apartments in the Old Town of Bratislava cost on average, EUR 2,200 per square metre (sq.m.). In the nearby areas of Ruzinov and in the New Town, apartments tend to be cheaper, selling for around EUR 1,900 per sq. m.

Rents range from around EUR 9 to EUR 10 per sq. m. per month in the Old Town, whereas in Ruzinov and in the New Town, rents range from EUR 7.4 to EUR 10.75 per sq. m. per month.
The gross rental yield from a 60-sq. m. apartment in the Old Town is moderately good at 5.48%. Bigger apartments in the Old Town return similar  rental yields, ranging from 5.32% to 5.73%. A 40-sq. m. apartment in Ruzinov and in the New Town returns a slightly better rental yield at 6.36%.
Round trip transaction costs are very low on residential property in Slovakia. 



Market research

We have the time, resources, and most importantly knowledge of the local property market that enables us to carry out detailed analysis and research. This allows us to understand and quickly take advantage of opportunities to purchase properties in optimal locations.

BRATISLAVA - I Flats COST (€) YIELD (p.a.) PRICE/SQ.M. (€)
60 sq. m.   129,960 594   5.48%   2,166   9.90
90 sq. m.   172,350 823   5.73%   1,915   9.14
120 sq. m.   237,840 1,110   5.60%   1,982   9.25
200 sq. m.   428,000 1,896   5.32%   2,140   9.48
BRATISLAVA - II and III Flats        
40 sq. m.   81,120 430   6.36%   2,028   10.75
60 sq. m.   112,980 540   5.74%   1,883   9.00
120 sq. m.   204,480 890   5.23%   1,704   7.42

Help with the purchase

We will brief you fully on the local property market, so that when you visit Bratislava you will make best use of your time. We will arrange for you a viewing schedule of suitable properties based on your criteria at a time and date that best suits you and guide you through the purchase process when buying-to-let via At Home Network Bratislava.

For more information contact:
Mobile: +421 9 1818 5300
Mobile: +421 918 185 300
Telephone: +421 2 624 138 44



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