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Bratislava During Christmas Time
As most of the cities in Europe, Bratislava also helds its own christmas fairs. Learn more about how we celebrate during Advent...
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Property of the Season: Winter 2019 - 'Top class with all glass'
The property of the season in Bratislava is a first class  apartment, which has impressive spaces and wide windows all through.
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Moving to Bratislava
Bratislava is attracting many expats thanks to its central position, accelerating business life, lively cultural scene...
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Districts for Expats in Bratislava
Expats moving to Bratislava really have the entire city within their reach; driving across the city can take about 30 minutes.
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Newest property listings in Bratislava
Discover our brand new selection of listings for rent in Bratislava
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Bratislava cuisine
One striking thing about Bratislava is how many places there are to eat.
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Programs for the Summer - or why it is good to live in Bratislava?
The capital of Slovakia is one of the visitors favourite, because of its' culture, beautiful monuments and ever so great festivals...
Domy, trendy a design
Rental property viewing checklist
Going On An Apartment Tour? Take This Checklist!
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Easter in Slovakia
Easter is a very popular holiday in Slovakia. Easter in Eastern Europe is also a time of year when sunny days are back....